What is a Home Equity Loan?

Perhaps you are considering tapping into your home equity to renovate your kitchen, or take care of the balance on a credit card. A home equity loan is a fixed rate or adjustable rate loan that is secured by the equity in your home. You may have also heard this type of loan referred to as a "Cash-Out Refinance". In the state of Texas you may borrow up to 80% of the value of your home once every 12 months.  

Home Equity Loan Specifics

You'll be familiar with the process as it's a lot like the process toward your existing mortgage. Some distinctions are though, that the interest rate with a home equity loan is usually more (with tax deductible interest) with smaller closing costs.

In order to qualify for a Home Equity Mortgage, you need to have a positive credit score and you should be able to document your income. A home appraisal will be necessary to determine the property's current market value. To check on your home equity choices, contact us today!


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